Besmaya Power Station 4500 MW in Baghdad (BGPS)-Iraq-Baghdad-Besmaya

Mass Group Holding contracted the Ministry of Electricity in Baghdad to construct a mega power plant to feed the capital Baghdad with a capacity of 4,500 megawatts on Build, Own, and Operate basis (BOO). The site work started at in early 2015 on three phases, each phase with  capacity of 1,500 MW.
Besmaya Power Station located east of the capital Baghdad, operates in  combined cycle system. The power station consists of three phases, each    phase consists of six generating units, four of which are gas turbines and two steam turbines, making the total number of production units 18 units      (12 gas turbines and 6 steam turbines) with a total capacity of 4,500 MW.
The gas generating units are of the type of (9F.4 & 9F.03) manufactured by the GE-American Company and operate mainly on gas fuel and on Diesel fuel when needed as well. As for the steam units of the type (C-7, D-200) from GE as well, and all other equipment from the European origins such as HRSGs from CMI Belgium, ACC from Enexio Germany, the main and subsidiary transformers from Siemens Germany, the main control system from Emerson -American, and the gas pressure reducing and conditioning system is from Petro Gas -Dutch company
In the combined cycle system, the high heat emitted from the exhausts coming out of the gas generating units is exploited and passed to (HRSG) boilers that heat the water to obtain steam of high temperature and pressure and pass it to the steam turbines for the purpose of producing electrical energy by exploiting the exhaust heat which helps reduce thermal emissions and improving the environment without using of additional fuel.
Since the start of its operation at the beginning of 2017, Besmaya Power Station has contributed to improving the reality of supplying the capital Baghdad, and the governorates with electric energy, especially during times of high demand for electrical energy, such as the summer season. The production units at the power station have proven their efficiency in providing high productivity and readiness for electrical energy in all seasons of the year.
Besmaya Power Station follows modern methods in carrying out operation and maintenance activities such as the use of well-established maintenance management programs (CMMS) and applies the maintenance and operation instructions in accordance with international recommendations and standards. The focus is on preventive and predictive maintenance and strengthening them in a way that reduces corrective maintenance.

Our Company adopts the application of international safety standards for occupational health and safety within the power station and considers it a priority to maintain the safety of workers and equipment.