Mass Iron and Steel Industry Co. -Iraq-Kurdistan Region Sulaimaniya-Bazyan

Mass Group Holding (MGH) established a project to produce iron and steel, which considered as one of the strategic projects of MGH..
The Plant located in Sulaymaniyah Province – Iraq, in Bazyan Region, 38 kilometers west of Sulaymaniyah. City.
the annual capacity is 1.25MTY, noting that the Plant provides many job opportunities for the local population, making the Plant distinguished and very important in the region.
The construction works started in 2011, and the production commence in 2015 to meet the significant demand for iron products  to reconstruction Iraqi cities, the production consist of various  type of iron have been produced such as reinforcement rebar steel and other types of industrial iron products such as (square, angle, and reinforcement-chanel shape,…).
All types are manufactured according to international standards (BS, ASTM, and ISO).
The Plant has obtained ISO certificate in quality (ISO 9001: 2015) since 2016, which gave credibility to biggest companies investing in Iraq (oil companies, power companies, residential complexes...) to deal with Mass Plant to ensure quality.
The Plant is considered as one of the mega strategic projects in Iraq, as using  latest and most innovative European technologies for equipment and machines, whereas  the main lines and equipment are supplied by Danieli, an Italian Company , which is distinguished in the technology of manufacturing production lines of  iron and steel, Mass plant is consider among the best plants in the Middle East
Mass Iraq for Iron and Steel Industry Company is constructing an Iron reduction plant ( DRI) to utilize the iron-ore availability to achieve the maximum efficiency of the Plant's productivity.

- The Plant includes the following sections:

1: Scrap Section                             2: Melt shop Section
3: Rolling Mills Section (RM)               4: Laboratory and Quality Control Section
5: Services and Industrial Section:

 This Section is responsible for securing all meltshop and rolling mill needs. It consists of the following units:

1.   Air separation station             2.  Compressed air station
3.   Water treatment plants           4.   Dust treatment unit

This Plant was established to contribute in supporting the economic wheel of our country and employing young staff and training them on the state of the art technologies and the latest methods of iron production in the world.

The Plant also pays attention to health, safety and environment section in order to preserve the health and safety of the employees, and to preserve the environment.