Commitment & Quality

The Mass Group attaches the utmost importance to protecting the environment and citizens from harming their daily activities in their projects, factories and offices. This commitment begins with the selection of equipment from world-renowned originators and the latest technologies to reduce environmental impact and increase production by consuming less resources. As well as compliance with international health, safety and environmental procedures for the protection of personnel, equipment and the environment.

Last but not least Mass Group focuses on the quality of the product it offers through attention to purity of raw materials and control of production procedures and continuous testing of the product inside and outside the company. Thus limiting the harm to the consumer or the environment due to the quality and efficiency of the product.

In addition, Mas Group is interested in serving the community not only by providing jobs and the national product, but also by supporting the community in the cities around its projects by contributing to charitable projects, supporting needy people, students of knowledge and supporting families displaced by war as much as possible.

The group has a charitable foundation (Nankli Zakat Foundation) as well as a charitable hospital for blood cancer called Nankeli Hospital in Erbil and other charitable projects.
Mass Group Holding always strives to keep abreast of the development in the fields of safety, environmental protection, quality and efficiency of the product through the continuous training of its technical staff and safety and environmental observers, and to give serious attention to obtaining and renewing necessary environmental approvals and licenses,

1. A letter of commitment to comply with HSE procedures.
2 - ISO certification stations.
3 - Certificate of quality cement.
4 - Certificate of quality iron.
5 - A letter of thanks from the Ministry of Electricity to Mas Company for the preservation of the environment.
6 - A letter from the Environmental Protection Authority in Kurdistan confirms that the stations of the company Mas designed and built in accordance with environmental specifications.