Story of Success

There are people who master the art of work more than the art of speech. Some people have already created a success story to serve their communities.
The beginning with electricity in Erbil in 2006 by 500 megawatts, where Kurdistan was living in total darkness and did not have the power of electricity more than an hour to two hours a day, from here began the story.

We wanted to offer a service to our hometown. We have not seen better than the provision of electric power that serves the community in all its categories of citizens, service and health establishments, hospitals, industrial, agricultural and tourism sectors, etc. Electricity is the lifeblood of modern life and we wanted to expand to other governorates. Sulaymaniyah and Dahuk, and then we started to expand the stations to 1000 MW for each province and in standard time periods.

After that, we took a step that we did not have before in the region until today. We converted the power stations to the combined cycle and became the Erbil and Sulaymaniyah stations with a capacity of 1500 megawatts each, using the latest technology to use the hot gases emitted from the gas turbines And convert them into electric power without the consumption of additional fuel, which contributed to reduce production costs and protect the environment and reduce the consumption of fuel, which is the wealth of the community.

We have reached a production capacity of 4000 MW with the investment of more than four billion US dollars in the field of electric power in the Kurdistan Region. While some of them were fleeing their money abroad, we were getting loans from international banks to invest in the country, and Mas company built power plants from the best sources in the world. We have accomplished what the world's nations are unable to accomplish.
Our success story was not only in the production of electric power. Iraq has been plagued by wars and crises since 1980, whether with Iran or with America or with terrorism, and the infrastructure has become very bad. To make matters worse, in the western parts of Iraq, some cities have become semi-dilapidated, damaged and in need of reconstruction.

And from this need began the idea of cement and iron, reconstruction of those cities need cement and iron and this is what we have been providing. We started with one cement factory in Sulaymaniyah in 2010 and then the second factory in 2011 and the third came into production in the beginning of 2013 until our production capacity in Iraq of cement reached six million tons annually, which constitutes one quarter of Iraq's cement production.
We have completed the workshop by building the largest steel plant in the region with a production capacity of one million and one quarter million tons annually. The factory began production in 2016, thus providing the country with iron needs and contributing to the reconstruction of our country.

Last but not least we started to build a giant power station in Baghdad - Basmaya card 4500 MW to feed the capital Baghdad with electricity.
It is clear to the reader of this process and follow the years of construction projects that our main objective over the years is to invest in service projects that will promote the level of the homeland and all that we got and we get a return of financial or investment loans allocated to expand projects or to build new projects in the country.

This trade process, if anything, is indicative of our continuous efforts to expand the industrial sector in the country, provide employment opportunities for our people and provide the national product.