Vision & Mission

Company Vision:
To become an example of the global level of power generation to serve the people.

Company's policy:
We are committed to generate sufficient energy and resources and keeping environmental conditions to maximum level with high efficiency and under safe working conditions by complying with all legal and scientific requirements related to quality, occupational health and safety systems.

Company Mission:
Our mission is to invest in service projects that will improve the level of the country and provide important services to the community such as electricity, cement and iron and contribute to the reconstruction campaign of Iraq and provide iron for large housing projects that Iraq intends of doing it.

1- Generate and produce energy with high efficiency.
2- Continuous improvements in the effectiveness of quality assurance , safety and environmental management systems.
3- Minimizing the environmental impacts of different emissions from discharge of the plant.
4 - Prevent accidents and pollution that may be produced during the operation.
5- Train employees to follow occupational safety and health procedures when carrying out daily tasks related to power generation.
6 - Manage fixed and variable costs to reduce the cost of MW / hour.
7 - Develop the green area of the station and the surrounding areas.