Latest news about Erbil gas power station

Erbil Gas Power Station has contracted with Aquamatch company (as per esteemed Mass Group Holding company CEO instructions) to provide water treatment plant for Gas Turbines evaporative cooler systems in the power plant.
Filtered well water was used before for the operation of GTs evaporative systems, because of its high conductivity (approx. 950 µs / CM) (due to its high salts contains) we faced many stops in evaporative systems operation due to cycled water high conductivity caused by evaporating and also clogs in air cooling media so we have contracted to provide new Reverse Osmosis (RO) units water treatment plant in order to produce lower conductivity water (150 µs / CM) which is acceptable for system operation and minimize water losses (2 RO units with 80 cubic meters per hour water production, total water production is 160 cubic meters per hour) to cover the needs of 8 GTs evaporative cooler systems (GT Evaporative cooler system is used to increase GTs production efficiency).