Latest news about Mass Cement Factory

Mass Iraq company for cement industry and for the first time in the country built a unit to recover the heat from chimney of three lines of cement plant to produce power with capacity of 25 MW, 21 MW out of it is from the heat of that gases. Power production from this unit started at the end of 2022.
The ecological and economical benefits from building this unit are summarized by the following.
- producing an average of (200) thousand M.W / year without consuming any fuel.
- saving (37) thousand tons/year natural gas which was to be burned to produce that quantity of electricity.
- reducing the emission of (100) thousand ton/year CO2 gas which was to be emission to the atmosphere due to burning the mentioned quantity of natural gas.4-Reduction of an average of (700) billion kilo calories/year due to the reduction of chimney gases temperature of cement lines.
- reduction of the load on the national grid.