• Mass - WE ARE LIGHTNING THE COMMUNITYelectricity serves all the constituents of the community citizens , healthcare , infrastructure , hospitals , industrial ,agricultural , and tourism sectors ,etc. electricity power is like artery of society.
  • Mass - Introducing advanced technology to the community. Our group is one of the pioneers in introducing advanced 9FA gas turbines on the national grid in Iraq.
  • Mass - Private Investment for Infrastructure MaterialWe focus our contributions on main industrial activities that help communities to grow and prosper.
  • Mass - Find Quality hereWe give a great care to type and quality of our products, ensuring that it starts with quality and purity of raw materials, and adhere to strict monitoring of our production lines and stringent on-site and off-site product testing.
  • Mass - Investing in renewable energyWe consider investing in renewable energy fields such as wind power and combined cycle projects as one of our duties towards the future generations.
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Mass Group Holding concentrates its activities in three main sectors
1- Generation of electricity.
2- Production of cement .
3-Iron & Steel manufacturing.

In the electricity generation we have plants generate 8650 MW in BOO mode (Build,Operate &Own). 4500 MW in the Capital Baghdad ,and 4000 MW of this is generated in Kurdistan North of Iraq, and 100 MW Wind in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan.

In cement produce 8 Million tons annually.

In Iron & Steel the production capacity is 1.25 Million tons annually.

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