15/12/2015 - Mass Group Holding Ltd. wins Best Enterprise Award from the European Business Association at the Oxford Leaders’ Summit.

The Oxford Leadership Summit was held through an initiative of the European Business Association, Oxford, UK, on 15 December 2015, a major international event in Oxford City Hall, an interactive platform for international cooperation. Since 2000, the Summit has been held in important locations in around the world, during these years, more than 6,000 delegates from 56 countries attended.
The number of participants this year exceeded 150 members, including members of parliament, representatives of ministries, scientists, business managers, business organizations and higher education institutions from 40 countries.
On the morning of December 15 the EBA Academic Hall was opened by Lord Degby Jones, Nath Crosspensch of the House of Lords, UK.
Traditionally, the highlight of the summit was the Socrates Awards, and the International Award Winners Ceremony opened on the evening of December 15, 2015, in the main hall of the Oxford City Hall. The distinguished representatives of science, academia, business and healthcare have been nominated for prestigious awards of high professional achievement in their areas of activity.
Dr. AbdulQader Ahmed, on behalf of Mass Group Holding Ltd., received the Best Enterprise Award and the Group's CEO, Mr. Ahmed Ismail, and the Medal of "Distinguished Year Manager". The award is awarded to companies that have been very successful in the growth of their company along with the implementation of best practices in the areas of environment, employment and management.