Mass -Mintia Power Plant

Mass- Mintia Power plant located on the left bank of Mureș River, central west of Romania, in Mintia village, 9 Km away from Deva County.
The main target of establishing an advanced, green, and economical power plant in terms of gas consumption, according to European specifications and standards, as well as according to the environmental standards of the European Union, to reach carbon neutrality by mid of 2050 century.
Mass- Mintia Power plant adopt the best technological solutions that provide the best efficiency and reduce gas consumption.
The power generating units are manufactured by SIEMENS-Germany, the total power production capacity of Mass-Minitia new plant will reach 1700MW, the Steam turbines (STG) production is approximately 560 MW, while the production capacity of each Gas turbines (GTGs), H-type (9000HL) about 570MW, consuming 141,903M3/h of each Gas Turbine.
In the combined cycle system, the high heat emitted flue gases generated from the gas turbines units is exploited and passed to the Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs)  which heats the water to obtain high temperature and pressure steam, and pass it to the steam turbines in order to produce electrical energy by exploiting the exhaust heat which in return will reduce thermal emissions and improving the environment without using additional fuel.
The generated energy will be transmitted to the national grid via 400 kV,220 kV lines which it is owned by TRANSELECTRICA.
The natural gas will be delivered by TransGas Co. pipelines.
Mass-Minitia Power Plant will utilize Mureș River to cool the steam turbines and return the used water to the river.
Like other Mass Power Plants, Mass-Minitia Plant will follow modern methods in carrying out operation and maintenance activities such as using maintenance management programs (CMMS) and apply maintenance and operation in accordance with international standards and recommendations, whilst we focus on preventive and predictive maintenance and reinforce these activities to reduces corrective maintenance.
MASS Group Holding relies on complying the international safety standards for occupational health and safety within all its power plants and considers it as a priority to maintain the safety of workers and equipment.