Mass Cement Factory – Bazyan -Iraq- with a capacity of 6 million tons annually

Mass Cement Factory was established early 2008,  in Sulaymaniyah Governorate, Iraq, Bazyan region, 30 km west of Sulaymaniyah city. The factory consists of three similar production lines using Dry and Pre-calcination process in cement production. 
The Company's production capacity is six million tons annually of three types of cement (ordinary Portland cement, sulfate high-resistance Portland cement, and High fine gain Portland Cement). The production of the first line began in early 2010 and the second line in August 2011, while the third line entered actual production in March 2013. The production capacity was increased successively due to local market need for this strategic material which is the backbone of construction and development, and the country's dire need for it in order to reconstruct what was destroyed during years of war and instability. Our production is marketed in all iraq governorates,North, Middle and South. Our product has gain  a very high reputation due to high quality that exceeds the determinants of Iraqi Standard No. 5 of 2019 as a result of using  modern technologies and excellent raw materials.
The product quality is controlled through the laboratories of the operating company and the laboratories of Mass Company, in addition to periodic follow-up and modeling by the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control which granted many thanks and appreciation certificates to the Mass Company.
The company took in consideration the environmental situation in the region , therefore, we use bag filters that proved a very high efficiency in preventing the solid projectiles from spreading into atmosphere . The waste water is treated through a special treatment unit, and this water is recycled for irrigation and agriculture purposes. On the other hand, a high percentage of the lands were cultivated with trees, shrubs, roses, and natural grass to give the factory the park appearance, erasing the old image of cement factories