Alshamal Plant - Atbara - Sudan - with a capacity of 2 million tons annually

The construction of Alshamal Cement Plant started in 2007 in Al Damer city - State of the River Nile - Republic of Sudan, 350 km north of the capital Khartoum, and 60 km from the source of raw materials.
The Plant consists of a production line with a capacity of 2 million tons of cement annually. It is one of the mega strategic projects of Mass Group Holding, to contribute in developing the  infrastructure in Republic of Sudan, where cement is considered one of the basic building materials for construction work.
 Alshamal Cement Plant is characterized by the quality of its equipment, as they are all European origin, and by one of the best manufacturers of cement plant equipment, such as:
KHD -Germany
IBAU - Germany
FLS- Denmark
Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is produced using the latest technologies in the production and operation process to reach the highest levels of quality.
The latest technology was chosen to preserve the environment and provide a healthy work atmosphere by equipping the production line with all necessary equipment, devices, and filters. Moreover, The cloth filter system was also applied in addition to the electrostatic filter to ensure that no projectiles from the production process will spread in the region atmosphere. The cloth filter system was also implemented in addition to the electrostatic filter to ensure that no products are projectiles from the production process.

Complementing the vision of Mr. Ahmed Ismail, Chairman of Mass Group Holding, to implement renewable energy projects, this project was constructed to provide Alshamal Cement Factory with clean energy, Mass Solar Power Plant Project is considered the most important and biggest renewable and clean energy projects in Sudan
Alshamal Cement Factory, located in Atbara city within the Nile River State, has established a solar power plant to supply the factory with clean electricity. The project construction work started in February 2022 and the project reached the Commercial Operation Date on 9/11/2022.
The project solar panels are Jinko Solar type, the main power Switchgear ( GIS type) with a voltage level of 11 kV was manufactured by Schneider, and the inverters are multi-string multi-MPPT high technology inverters.
Such PV power plant is an environmentally friendly and is the perfect solution to produce clean energy without carbon production as well as to avoid fuel shortage problems.
This project is considered one of the most important projects in the region, as it is continuously connected to the electrical network in Atbara and provides the city with electric energy during the daytime.
Our Company adopts the application of international safety standards for occupational health and safety within the plant and considers it a priority to maintain employees and equipment safety.