Wind Power Project – Al-Tafilah 100 MW, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

In response to the Jordanian Government's call for international companies specialized in renewable energy projects to establish wind power projects to feed Jordan's electricity grid approach towards increasing the contribution of wind power in the total Jordanian energy mix, Mass Jordan for Renewable Energy Company signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the first half of 2016 with the National Electric Power Company, the representative of the Government to establish wind power station. The design, supply, and installation contract (EPC turnkey) of the project were signed with the Joint Venture of the American Company GE and Spanish Company ELECNOR in the first half of 2018, Commercial Operation Date was achieved in the second half of 2020.
The project located in Al-Tafilah Governorate, about 130 km south of Amman. The project occupies a total area of land of around 10.467 million square meters.
28 wind turbines distributed over the project area with a capacity of 3.6 MW each, turbines manufactured by the American Company GE, with a project total capacity of 100 MW.
(2) main power transformers connecting the project with the national grid, with a voltage level of 33/132 KV, with an ONAN capacity of 120 MVA each, manufactured by the Italian Company ABB.
The GIS Switchgear, 33 kV voltage level, is manufactured by Schneider Company.
The control and protection systems for the power plant and its SCADA are manufactured by Schneider and GE
Mass Jordan Renewable Energy Company selected the world's leading and specialized companies to conduct the essential studies for the project during the pre-design and the design periods, including:
The Spanish Company Barolvento, which specializes in measurements and analysis of wind characteristics, conducts the necessary studies and wind characteristics in the project area for a sufficient period.
ECO Consult to conduct environmental and community studies for the project area in accordance with the specifications of the Word Bank IFC for a sufficient period.
CESI-Italy, to conduct a study of the effect of grid connection.