Duhok Gas Power Station (DGPS)- Iraq-Kurdistan Region–Duhok

DGPS is located to the north of Duhok province near the city Sumel, on Duhok - Zakho road around 35 km from Duhok city center.
MGH has signed a contract with the Ministry of Electricity in Kurdistan Region-Iraq in 2009 to build a 1000 MW plant on BOO basis (Build, Operate and Own).
The plant consists of eight gas Frame 9E turbines with a rated capacity of 125 MWs each which make the plant production 1000 MW in total. 
In the beginning of 2009, the Ministry of Electricity (MoE) of the Kurdistan Region contracted MGH to build the Duhok Gas Power Station (DGPS) on BOO basis, accordingly, MGH purchased units of Frame-9E turbines from General Electic Company (GE) with their generators and auxiliaries.
Contracts was signed with GE-USA and ABB Germany to construct the simple cycle. ABB Sweden did the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the 132 KV substation in DGPS.
This plant, similar to the ones in Erbil and Suleimanya, is designed to operate on two types of fuel,( natural gas/ and light/ liquid fuel (diesel) ).

In the future, the combined cycle will be built as addon which will add 500 MW.
The mager equipments in the plant (Simple + Combined) are:
- 9E gas turbines manufactured by GE.
- Steam  turbines of the type (C7) manufactured by (GE).
- Boilers (HRSG) from Belgian company(CMI).
- Air cooling systems from (Enexio) Germany.
- The main and subsidiary transformers from the French company (Alstom).
- The main control system from the American company (Emerson).
- Gas pressure reduction system from (Bilfinger-Rotring), Germany.
After completing the combined cycle, the total power of the plant will be 1500 MW.