Duhok Gas Power Station 1000 MW (DGPS)- Iraq-Kurdistan Region–Duhok

Mass Group Holding contracted the Ministry of Electricity of Kurdistan Region- Iraq, to build Duhok Gas Power Station in Duhok Province with a capacity of 1000 MW on Build, Own, Operate (BOO) basis. The actual work began in 2010.
The station located on Dohuk-Zakho road, north of Dohuk Province and operates in a simple cycle system. It consists of eight gas generation units, with a production capacity of 125 MW for each generating unit, with a total capacity of 1000 MW. MGH hopes to add two steam units with a capacity of 250 MW each, to reach the  capacity of 1500 MW in future.
The gas generating units are of the type (F-9E) manufactured by GE Company and operate mainly on gaseous fuels and on liquid fuels when needed as well. The other equipment are of famous European origins such as the ABB-German Company and the gas system from Rotring-Germany.
Since its inception, Duhok Gas Power Station has contributed to improving the reality of supplying electric power in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, especially in times of high demand for electric energy. The production units at the Station have proven their efficiency in providing high productivity and readiness for electrical energy during all year seasons.
The Station adopts the application of international standards for occupational health, safety and the environment that are followed globally within power

stations and considers it a priority to maintain the safety of employees and equipment, and pay attention to green areas and afforestation and increase their areas inside the station