Erbil Gas Power Station (EGPS)- Iraq-Kurdistan Region–Erbil

The station is located south of Erbil province and is about 22 km from Erbil city center.
A contract was signed with the Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan Region to build Erbil Electricity plant with Capacity of 1500 MW on BOO basis (Build, Operate and Own), Work Started at site early 2007.
The plant includes eight gas turbine units of the type (Frame-9E) with all accessories from the American company GE, the rate of production of each unit is 125 MW, in addition to two units of Steam turbines type (GE-C7), the production rate of each unit is 250 MW. The German company (ABB) was contracted to construct the Simple Cycle Phase.
The 500 MW Combined Cycle Phase Started by utilizing the heat from the gas turbines via four Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) to two Steam Turbines this will increase the plant capacity to 1500 MW. It also decrease the amount of CO2 release a hence making the plant environment friendly.
The gas turbines are Dual fuel consuming gas as prime fuel and Diesel (Light fuel) as stand by fuel.
The main parts of the Combined Cycle are:
- 9E gas turbines manufactured by the American company GE.
- The steam turbines of the type(C7) manufactured by the American company (GE). 
- Boilers(HRSG) of Belgian company (CMI).
- Air cooling system from (Enexio) Germany.
- The main and subsidiary transformers of the French company (Alstom).
- The main control system of the American company (Emerson).
- Gas pressure reduction system from Bilfinger-Rotring, Germany.
The power is transferred from the station site via twelve high voltage lines connected to the national grid in the Kurdistan region The Erbil power Station, equipped by GE and ABB, is the first private power plant in Iraq. It is the first combined cycle technology plant in Iraq and the largest power station in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.