Erbil Gas Power Station 1500 MW (EGPS)- Iraq-Kurdistan Region–Erbil

Mass Group Holding contracted the Ministry of Electricity of Kurdistan Region -Iraq, to build Erbil Gas Power Station to feed Erbil Province Grid with a capacity of 1,500 MW in a Build-Own-Operate (BOO) basis. The site works started mid of 2006 through three phases, to reach total production of 1500 MW. Erbil Station is the first investment station in Iraq.
The station located south of Erbil city , 22 km from the city center.
The plant operates in combined cycle system. Work was carried out in three phases. In the first phase, 500 MW were built with four gas turbines. The second phase 500 MW by another four gas turbines, and the third phase 500 MW by two steam turbines with combined cycle system (Power production without fuel depending on waste gases heat).
Erbil Gas Power Station is the first gas station converted to combined cycle in Iraq which reduce the CO2 emissions.
The power station consists of 8 gas generating units of the type (F-9E) manufactured by GE- American Company and operates on gas fuel mainly and on liquid fuel as an alternative fuel, with a production capacity of 125 MW per generating unit, and two steam generating units of the type (C-7) from the GE Company also with a capacity of 250 MW per steam turbine. All other equipment are from famous European origins and companies such as (HRSG from CMI-Belgium, Electrical equipment from ABB-German Company, ACC ENEXIO Germany, and the gas system from the Rotring - Germany).
In the combined cycle system, the high heat emitted from the waste gases coming out of the gas generation units is exploited to be passed on 8 (HRSG) steam boilers (one boiler for each gas unit) that heats the treated water produced in the water treatment unit inside the Station, to obtain high temperature and pressure steam and inserted into the steam units for the purpose of producing electric energy. The method of exploiting the exhaust heat is considered an aid in reducing thermal and carbon emissions, protecting the environment and producing electrical energy without using any additional fuel.
The Station was also developed by adding an evaporative cooling system to the gas units to cool the air entering the gas turbine to increase its efficiency and produce more electric power in summer season.
Erbil Power Station had a distinctive imprint since the beginning of its construction, operation and connection with the electrical Grid, being the first investment power station and the first biggest gas station in Kurdistan Region. the plant contributed in supplyingthe region's grid with electrical energy to support and develop the region's infrastructure, and the production units in the station proved their efficiency in providing electric energy with high readiness and reliability during all year seasons.
The power station adopts the application of international standards for occupational health, safety and the environment that are followed globally within

The power generation stations and considers it a priority to maintain the safety of employees and equipment and pay attention to green areas and afforestation and increase their areas inside the station.