Besmaya Power Station in Baghdad (BGPS)-Iraq-Baghdad-Besmaya

The plant is located southeast of Baghdad around 25 km from the Capital .
 The Ministry of Electricity (MoE) in Baghdad contracted MGH to build a mega power plant to provide the Capital Baghdad with Electricity on BOO basis (Build, Operate, and Own). work started at site early 2015.
The plant consists of eight units of  Frame 9FA gas turbines, with a rated capacity of 260 MWs each.
The gas turbines in BGPS are designed to operate on two types of fuel: natural gas as the prime fuel, and diesel oil fuel for standby. 

At the same time we started the construction of the Combined Cycle to utilize the heat from the exhaust of the gas turbines to produce steam through Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and Steam turbines to produce 920 MW, extra electricity without using extra fuel. This will increase the plant product efficiency and decrease the CO2 released to the environment.With the combined cycle the total electricity production of the plant becomes 3000 MW. 

This project is an outstanding project in the region. the main parts of the Combined Cycle are:
- Gas turbines of the type (9FA) made by the American company(GE).
- The  Steam Turbines of the type (C7)  manufactured by the American company (GE).
- Boilers (HRSG) from the Belgian company (CMI).
- Water cooling systems (WCT) from the German company (Enexio).
- Air Cooling system from (Enexio) Germany.
- Main transformers and subsystems from (Siemens) Germany.
- The main control system from the American company (Emerson).
- Gas pressure reduction system from the Dutch company Petro Gas.

The plant also includes modern equipments and System that are complementary for the project with the complete accessories, the power produced transferred via multiple transmission lines after being transferred through secondary stations of 400 kV and 132 kV from the Swedish company ABB. the plant provides about 60% of Baghdad electricity needs.